Fabulous memories ❤️

It’s been already 3 days, weekend does not count, since I have not gone to Makers. I made a conscious decision to work from home as my interview is at the end of the week, and I know if I went to Makers, there would be too many distractions lurking form each corner 🤡

It is a strange feeling, but not nearly as bad as I’d thought it would be. Perhaps due to the fact my mind is too busy thinking about Friday morning, and what else I could possibly do to prepare myself for it even better.

But I do keep the “old” habits, I meditate every day, and keep coding, keep talking to the cohort on Slack and it all seems quite alive, as if I have never really left, as if I were to come back there at some point. And yes, haha, I am planning to come back. We agreed to keep working with some people after this week on the skills we feel we need to improve, more MEAN I mean 😂🤣

Other than that, I keep watching our graduation presentation and I am really quite proud of what we’ve achieved after these three months.



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