It is over…

I just can’t believe it, it is HERE! The day is tomorrow… Graduation, final day at Makers Academy, last moments with the favourite people and yes, I do feel nostalgic. I remember exactly the first day as if it was yesterday, and I feel it somehow’s gone by too quickly. It seems I am not the only one, whoever I spoke to of my cohort during the past few days, we all seem not to believe it’s over. We will wake up on Monday and there will be no place to go to, no curriculum to follow, no stand-up, no weekly challenge, no pair programming, no crowds at the kitchen, no queues to pick up a spoon from the cupboard below the sink. Yes, one big NO. We do not want to finish this journey, we wish it lasted longer.

The past week we spent asking ourselves the big question: am I really ready for this? am I good enough? is my future employer going to be happy about their choice? are my skills good enough?

We had a learning beyond Makers session yesterday and our coach asked us to share our worries and fears for the next weeks to come, and I promise I have never seen my cohort so engaged and active sharing their feelings on the whiteboards. No retro before has been so productive! Conclusion: People ARE worried.

But we still have each other, we belong to this amazingly supportive community, we will keep meeting beyond graduation, we will keep working together on projects and keep helping each other to get jobs – a true team spirit, friendship, XP values – a combination of these – something you can only build during three months at an intensive bootcamp like that.

So yes, I will miss my cohort, I will miss my routine, and yes, I am worried – but I am not ashamed to acknowledge any of this!


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