Weekend challenge – Instagram

So we managed to built quite a few things over these weeks at Makers, Twitter, AirBnb, Yelp, and finally the time’s come for Instagram. Or rather Coffeegram in my edition.

I had a lot of fun with Rails during week 8, and even though I did not manage to get through the bonus track, I could make up for it during the weekend. I had a lot of fun getting to know some super useful technologies, such as AWS S3, signing in with Facebook, or Paperclip.

I truly enjoy working with Rails, and the motto during that week was to Accept the Magic 🌻, and I am very glad we got to play with Sinatra before this week. Rails makes everything happen much quicker, and a lot is going under the hood, sometimes you just can’t help but keep asking yourself: but how? However, by the end of weekend I realised the magic is not so magical anymore, surely, still bewildered by it seems infinite possibilities of developing astonishing things with Rails, and even more how much quicker it was in comparison to MakersBnB week to do develop the same features in one day, we worked in Sinatra for almost the whole week 😂  But there is a structure and I think it is this structure that makes everything much easier to grasp: Ordnung must sein if you ask me!

Loads of love 🤗


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