Week nine is the best!

Here comes yet another post about our beloved academy ❤️  I want to share with you some experiences from practice project week and as you have already guessed, very positive experience indeed.

Week 9 is as close as it gets to real-work, we all make our hands dirty with Agile, Git workflow, User Stories, and all that is related to working on team based project. To be honest, it is also your last chance to learn how to be a great team-player before the final project weeks. Not trying to scare you, buutt… it IS getting closer!!!

On Monday morning we had a small brainstorming session where people presented their ideas of projects we could work on, and then we got to pick our favourite 3, so that the coach could later decide who is going to work on what based on our preferences. I got assigned to my second choice, and I am so happy it’s turned out this way.

My team of four was truly awesome. We quickly organised the workflow on Monday, listed interactions, chose and designed the MVP interaction, came up with the user stories, designed the project’s flow, and what we would like our app to look like. All that by the end of Monday. Do not get me wrong, it was not all easy and we did struggled initially, mostly, agreeing on the technology part. Some of us (including me) really wanted to give a go to Node.js and JavaScript in general. My reasoning was, it will be super useful to learn something new and if we fail (you never fail if you manage to learn something new in the process, btw.!) it is better to do so now as opposed to the final two weeks. But in the end we compromised on working with Rails, but also trying to stretch our skills with some more advanced features. The fruit of our labour is here, Majordomo, a room booking app for the workplace. You can see the status  (busy or free) of any room at any given time and you can do all the CRUD plus much more for any room you add. Our motivation behind this project was simple, Makers Academy does not have such a system in place, so let’s make one. 💪

We had our ups and downs throughout the week, the worst and hardest day was Thursday, where we all were close to agreeing on setting on MVP only, but somehow we all managed to put ourselves back on track! Might have been thanks to my natural inclination for not giving up on anything I start, but if you ask me, I am not sure how exactly it happened that we managed to go from we can’t do this at 1pm to we completed it all by 7pm the same day 😎   PERSEVERANCE is the key.



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