Weeks go by so fast!

at Makers time passes by too fast. I promised I will keep you posted each week on what’s happening, but apparently my promises are not binding! (oh pry…) Yes, you got it by now, I am tired and speak gibberish again, but you should really look up how powerful pry can be! I will make it simpler for you and provide here the key to your wisdom! Go and check it, but make sure to be back to catch up with the adventure.

Week five was truly fun for me and I wonder if all Makers feel this way? Its goal was to find out if we can learn new language’s structure and syntax (within a week!) and the answer is mind-blowing to me still. It is amazing how your brain can switch between various conventions, structures and syntax between two completely different languages, I am speaking about Ruby and JavaScript here, yes. You get me, Ruby innocent and pure, and JavaScript – the opposite, messy and ambiguous as if unsure what exactly is what, but everything can be anything. The key word: FUNCTION (and .this, and prototype, and Jasmine). No not tea, even though that’s probably one of my favourite types of tea, ever.

Do not get me wrong, I had trouble first day getting my head around JS, why theoretically there are no classes, and how on Earth I am supposed to do my TDD with that and put things in order in this mess?? But believe me, it is totally doable! I think it came to me pretty easy, the switch, must be because of my linguistic background – speaking three languages had to make it somewhat easier for my brain to adjust to the new syntax this quick. So much so, that while working on this week’s challenge I took a look at a solution to a similar problem in Java, and even though the language itself is completely different story, it was not that difficult to translate its meaning into my Ruby or JavaScript understanding!

I must say I really got to like JavaScript the moment I discovered how powerful it can be while using its biggest library, jQuery. With a click on a button on a screen, you can change text, properties – it is all pure magic! If you don’t believe me, take a look at my Thermostat app for code, and you can play with its features on Heroku (note: something’s gone awry with the weather API, it was showing the temperature outside in various cities – the dropdown menu, but at the moment it does not seem to do that anymore).

OK, I shall report tomorrow with the truly fascinating report of week 6 (A LOT happened!).

A dopo!


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