Monday of week four!

I like Mondays, at Makers especially. There is something about them, like first day of the new year, new beginning, new start. For us, Makers students, it means the introduction to new concepts we have never explored before. This week is all about databases, and creating a bookmark manager – a web app that will save all the links to database. The whole afternoon, me and my pair partner of today spent on getting to know databases, and the query language, SQL, so we could try and interact with the databases. 100% of newness there for me. But as it turns out, it is really no that bad. Database is like one massive spreadsheet, but automatic, luckily! And we can do all sorts of things with it… What sort of things? Be more precise… Well, I will be honest with you, it is only Monday and I do not know much yet. But the beauty of Makers is that by the end of the week, and even more so, by next Monday, I will definitely be able to tell you more. 🙂

Today was a great day! I might be coming down with a cold, and might be tired and under-slept, but that all does not matter so much! I got to play with arduino in the evening, at a hardware event. Created my first project, very very basic, blinking light, but… yes, you get the drill by now, you gotta start to be a master one day! Soo excited!

The future looks really promising. I never knew how much energy one’s got until one immerses themselves in something they really love. I will go to sleep feeling all fuzzy and warm. Yes. Very happy to be here. Thank you stars!


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