Third week’s summary

Such a great week behind me! Probably the best at Makers thus far. We learnt to use various technologies that enable building your web app from scratch. You know, all the HTTP, client, server and controller fun plus Sinatra… no, not Frank! The Ruby’s Sinatra, the framework that is as lightweight as Frank’s melodies ❤️

The weekend challenge was surprisingly enjoyable and you can see the effect of my work on my GitHub profile and on the photo above. So definitely met the course’s objective this week. Definitely had fun while learning this all and hacking the things around so they not only function look but do look good too! Surely, things could be improved and developed further, but the time is never enough, and that’s the major issue for me at the moment.

By the way, if you know of anyone selling extra time, or some techniques on how to function properly with no sleep, please let me know! You would make my life much easier 😉

Adios! Time to go to sleep!


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