Second week…


Oh what? Is that really only the second week? Feels like I’ve been here for ages now. My previous life? Not sure what was that all about 😉

You ask what’s it like, life at Makers. I answer: rollercoaster. Every day’s full of thrill and one thing is constant, the challenge. You need to push yourself harder and harder every day and it never feels as if it was enough. So many new, unexplored paths, things you’ve never known existed. And you are not only to discover them, but try to master within a week! So yes, ups and downs – every day different feelings, emotions are present in my life like never before. You feel proud, anxious, happy, amazed, worried, grateful and scared – all at the same time!

Luckily, the environment, the people, the schedule and everything Makers-related is supportive of this mixture of feelings, of the change, of the uncomfortableness, of being out of depth and out of comfort zone. ALL THE TIME.

They are experienced in people, they know why we are here, and the reason behind us being here is greater than everything most of us have ever done in their lives so far. Changing your promising career in your middle 20s, are you mad? Why would you do that, why would you like to get back to being unemployed, uncertain of future, stressed… not long time ago when graduating your Master’s, you said you would never want to do that again.

But that’s the point. Makers is not uni, Makers is focused on accelerating my career, not holding me back in the medieval times, Makers is interested in upping and equipping me in practical skills, not theoretical knowledge, however all we do is based on years of research, experiments and experience.

I love it here, however hard it gets! And it only gets harder…








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