Patience, persistence and perspiration

These are essential ingredients for a cake called “success”. It is festive season indeed, people are baking delicious goodies, cleaning their houses, cooking all Christmasy dishes, decorating trees and making it all feel full of glory.

In this very much celebratory atmosphere (no, I am not embarking on any of the above) unless listening to one famous Rea’s song “Driving home for Christmas” can be counted in. Instead, I focus more than ever on my personal development. I associate “driving” more with pair programming than anything else at the moment. As you know, I am enrolled on Makers Academy 16 weeks intensive bootcamp, so no time for “trivial” things.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success said Napoleon Hill. And he is not the only one to think so, recently I stumbled upon a #IfIWere22 reflection of . She speaks about her early professional experiences when it wasn’t looking as if she would ever end up being who she is now, an outstanding influencer called “a force in the world of personal finance” and a “one-woman financial advice powerhouse” by various sources. And I found this article extremely inspiring, i shared it right away on all my social media accounts as if I was trying to say to all the world and my friends, who think changing the career at this age (yes, 26!), is such an quirky and unreasonable behaviour. As if… yes, sometimes I wish I discovered it sooner I can play with code and create stuff I dreamed other were creating for me when I have my own business, but finally, after all these years I came to the realisation I can learn all about it myself instead of relying on others. Is that so bad? Please stop judging my choices professional and private ones. And for today, I will leave you with the paragraph by Suze:

Success and power comes from who you are as a person; how you choose to navigate the world. Put all your effort into being the best person you can be — to yourself, to your friends and family, and to the world at large — and you will not only be happy with your life, but you will also own the power within that will propel you in whatever career you choose.


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