The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss

How many times have you found yourself thinking: “Why not me?” or better “Why me?”.

No matter what our life brings to the table we tend not to appreciate what we’ve got and we do complain. A LOT. I am not a life couch, have no certification on the topic, and yet it does not feel right. Why don’t we stop for a minute and think. And I mean it.

Think about who you are, where you are, who are the most important people in your life, how many of them already left you, and how many times you promised yourself that from tomorrow you change? You will start eating a balanced diet, you will do sport, pick up a hobby, spend more time with the loved ones, work less, sleep more, quit bad habits and all.

I know what you feel now. I am not trying to preach here. I do struggle too, mostly to appreciate how wonderful my life is. I am healthy, young, live in one of the biggest cities in Europe in a beautiful apartment with gorgeous view on London Eye and Westminster. And my professional life is not bad either, after my first graduate job I decided to change my career path, and what? I got offered a scholarship to do just that. And yet, I do find myself unappreciative and selfish.

Here is to my journey, and your journey to learn how to appreciate what life gave us.

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